Surf where you like.

ProxyBox combines a VPN with a WiFi router to make surfing regional content as easy as switching access points.

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How it works

Just connect via wifi to your ProxyBox, and all your network traffic will automatically be tunneled through a server in the target region.
ProxyBox Pro

Everything you love about the original ProxyBox, plus an extra ethernet port for hard-wired VPN access!
Compatible with all your gear
Roku / Chromecast / Apple TV
PCs and Laptops
Better than an App

No app will ever be as easy as "No App!" Just plug it in and you're good to go on all your devices.
Select your regions

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To make ProxyBox super simple to use, we can preconfigure the target region for you at the factory! OF COURSE, you can change these settings at any time. If we don't yet have a server in your target country, please let us know and keep checking back. We're adding servers all the time! The ProxyBox hardware is compatible with most third-party VPN services as well.